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"Should airline passengers pay more to improve America’s airports?"


Thursday, March 2, 2017


Should airline passengers pay more to improve America’s airports?

By Alex Daugherty

The Kansas City (MO) Star



WASHINGTON  — Donald Trump wants to modernize America’s infrastructure, but someone will have to pay for it.


When it comes to improving America’s airports, it might be passengers who pay more.


A new bill introduced in Congress on Wednesday aims to lift a 17-year-old cap on a fee that’s passed on to passengers for capital projects. The CEO of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport voiced support for the idea while testifying before Congress on the future of America’s airports.


The bill, introduced by Oregon Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio, lifts the maximum passenger facility charge, a per-passenger fee that airports may levy to fund infrastructure projects. The fee is currently capped at $4.50 per flight. If the bill passes, airports would have the freedom to charge customers more to pay for upgrades to runways, terminals and gates.


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