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"9 Investigates radio 'dead spots' at Orlando International Airport"


Friday, February 17, 2017


9 Investigates radio 'dead spots' at Orlando International Airport

By Shannon Butler

WFTV TV Ch 9 (ABC), Orlando (FL)



ORLANDO, Fla. - Officers at Orlando International Airport have been raising concerns about "dead spots" at the facility where their radios do not work.


Orlando police officers do their rounds all day at OIA and say that there are areas on the first level of the airport where all they get is static on their radios.


Passenger Paula Black noticed the issue first hand.


“When we were walking by, the guy was walking by (and) he was trying to get in touch with a police officer on his walkie-talkie and he couldn’t get it,” she said. “There was no reception.


“He couldn’t get in touch with him so he had to put it back in his pocket and had to take off and go walking.”


The Orlando Police Department said a complaint had been made within the past two weeks about the dead spots and how they could put passengers in jeopardy in the event of an emergency.


The department ran tests on the issue and is waiting on the results, which will determine how they will proceed.


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