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"Rebranding efforts continue at Hollywood Burbank Airport"


Thursday, February 9, 2017


Rebranding efforts continue at Hollywood Burbank Airport

By Anthony Clark Carpio

The Burbank (CA) Leader


The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority chose the new logo for the renamed Hollywood Burbank Airport in September.


Now that the local airport has been renamed and a new logo has been created, airfield officials will soon be ready to start marketing the new identity — Hollywood Burbank Airport — to passengers in the region and east of the Colorado Rockies.


The operations and development committee of the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority unanimously voted on Monday to recommend that the authority continue working with the South Pasadena-based branding firm Anyone Collective on marketing the airfield's new name.


The airport authority paid Anyone Collective $73,950 for the work it did on the first phase of the rebranding project, which included developing the new name and logo and creating a design style guide to implement those changes around the airport and in marketing efforts.

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Airport officials will decide during a future meeting whether they should approve a $353,300 contract with Anyone Collective to carry out the second phase of the rebranding effort, which would entail changing the signs in and around Hollywood Burbank Airport to reflect the new name and various approved colors to be used in promoting the airfield, marketing Hollywood Burbank to potential passengers east of the Colorado Rockies and in Southern California, updating the airport's website and starting social-media and advertising campaigns, said Michael Fiore, co-founder of Anyone Collective.


Fiore added that all of the marketing and development of any advertisements would be done by his company and would not be subcontracted with other firms.

If selected, Anyone Collective will have until June 30 to complete the airport authority's campaign to hopefully attract more passengers to the airfield.


"We want to build this program to gain traction and receive customer engagement," Fiore said. "The whole idea is to get people familiar with what this airport is and build this foundation."


Ross Selvidge, an authority member from Pasadena, asked whether there will be metrics to determine how well the marketing campaign is working.


Fiore said that new Internet technology will allow his company to determine how many people are looking into the Hollywood Burbank Airport and can also gather data on what type of mobile device or computer they are using, where that user is located and whether they booked a flight to or from the airport.


"Like during the Super Bowl, [advertising companies] are creating direct URLs so that when somebody goes to that URL, they know where it came from because they know where they announced it," Fiore said. "From an analytics perspective, we'll be able to measure all the marketing that we do — hyper detailed."



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