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Airport Improvement Magazine: May e-Newsletter


Airport Improvement
Welcome to our May e-Newsletter.
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Security Training for Florida Airports Funded with License Plate Sales
By making the program available to all public-use airports, we have made airport security a top priority - even for airports that previously could not afford to offer training to their staff," explains David Roberts, FDOT Aviation Operations administrator. The agency also extends training to onsite workers not employed by the airport, such as local police officers who respond to calls at the airport.
Sebring Regional Airport (SEF) is requiring its employees, FBO management team and security officers to take the training. Vicky Stewart, SEF project coordinator, notes that consistency and continuity of training are key benefits of the program; that's why the airport includes accounting and finance department personnel on its participant list...[more]

Baltimore/Washington Int'l Optimizes Baggage Handling System
After Southwest Airlines acquired AirTran Airways last year, its Checked Baggage Inspection System (CBIS) at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) went from taxed to overloaded. "Our flights peak at 199 flights per day, and AirTran was running 48 flights per day," recalls Jimmy Dickerson, manager of federal airport security technology for Southwest. "Our CBIS could not by itself handle the combined baggage for the two carriers."
Beginning in May 2011, design/build firm Vic Thompson Company led a team through a three-phase, one-year project that doubled the throughput of the system, upgraded the computer control systems and completely renovated the TSA's Checked Baggage Reconciliation Area (CBRA). The team achieved all this while Southwest continued to operate and without changing the configuration of the CBIS...[more]

Minneapolis/St. Paul Int'l Leverages Master Planning Process
Collaboration and ongoing updates go a long way in supporting the master planning process at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport (MSP). According to Dennis Probst, executive director of planning and environment, the approach has been honed over the years into one that involves all stakeholders and positions the airport for measured growth.
Probst has been with the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC), which oversees operations at MSP, for 15 years and in his current position for four. He relates that in 1989, MSP officials were directed to examine the possibilities of staying at the current location and expanding, or building a completely new airport. That effort became known as the "dual-track planning process." After seven years of study and analysis by MAC and a regional planning agency, officials decided that the airport would stay at its current location. The same year, 1996, officials began building the airport's 2010 program...[more]

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