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"Detroit Airports May Grow Biofuels"

Monday, June 27, 2011

Airports look at growing fuel
By Dan Piller
The Des Moines (IA) Register

Airports are in the fuel business and the Detroit area airports have turned
over land to Michigan State University to experiment with growing feedstock
for biofuels.
Fuel industries are more sensitive to increases in price of availability of
fuel than the aviation industry.
 "How does aviation protect itself in the future against the depletion of
fossil fuels and the uncertainty of foreign sources of energy?" Wayne County
Airport Authority Interim CEO Genelle Allen wondered in a news release.
"Part of the answer may be to grow it."
The AvWeb acount goes on to say "the airport authority has turned over three
acres of land to Michigan State University to grow canola and oriental
mustard seed, two feedstocks for biofuel in a $476,000 state-funded project
to see if all those 1,700 acres of neatly mown infields, overruns and other
open space at Wayne County Airport and Willow Run Airport can be put to
better use. If the trial is successful, the concept is that the feedstock
from all the airport lands will be processed onsite and dropped into the
airports' fuel tanks to supplement the regular fossil fuel supply."

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