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"Man busted at LaGuardia for walking on tarmac"

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Man Runs onto Tarmac at LaGuardia Airport
New York Magazine

Sure, Bin Laden is dead, but there are still some things (a lot of things)
you definitely can't do at the airport. Running onto the tarmac is one of
them, but that's exactly what Andre Reid did on Wednesday afternoon at
LaGuardia. At around 1pm, a pilot spotted the deranged Reid walking around
"like he was taking a stroll in his backyard." No one's exactly sure how he
got there, but everyone agrees it was a very bad idea. "That in itself is
very scary - that he was able to get within feet of an airplane that was due
to take off," said one airport official. The pilot who spotted Reid was so
spooked by the incident that he opted to "dump" the flight, which means that
all passengers and luggage had to be re-screened, delaying the flight for
more than an hour. LaGuardia officials are still trying to figure out how
Reid--who was charged with trespass--actually made it out to the tarmac
without anybody stopping him.


Airport Security and the DC Shuffle

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