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"What's up at LAWA?"


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What's up at LAWA?

KennardPrint reporters who have to work the dead week between Christmas and New Year's are always scratching for news to fill the time and the papers, so here's a live possibility. A source with connections at Los Angeles World Airports says that executive director Lydia Kennard hopes to leave in January and has put a rush on the search for her replacement. Inside candidates and experienced airport executives from elsewhere were interviewed on short notice last week, the source says, reportedly by a subcommittee of airport commissioners that included chairman Alan Rothenberg, Walter Zifkin and Michael Lawson. The second round of interviews has begun, he says, speculating that Kennard, the city's second-highest-paid department head, may be headed north to be Secretary of the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency in Gov. Schwarzenegger's next term.

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