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"Philly International Improves Baggage Handling"

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Philly International Improves Baggage Handling
The Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA - Two years after a Christmas baggage debacle at the
Philadelphia airport, U-S Airways officials say recent changes should make
travelers a lot happier this year.

The airline has spent more than ten million dollars on new equipment,
brought in managers from other cities and added employees to help with
baggage handling at Philadelphia International Airport.

It now has 15-hundred employees at the airport doing bag-handling,
airplane-catering, and other work. That's about 300 more than it had in the

The airline says the improvements are beginning to show up in the monthly
reports of lost or damaged bags. In August, U-S Airways entire system got
ten-point-three reports for every thousand passengers. That number had
dropped to about eight for every thousand passengers in October.

There are still plenty of unhappy US Airways customers, of course. But the
airline hopes there won't be nearly as many as during the baggage disaster
in Christmas 2004.

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