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"Airport courtesy"

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Letter to the Editor
Airport courtesy
The Miami (FL) Herald

Re the Dec. 15 letter Inhospitable welcome at Fort Lauderdale airport: The
writer's ''me-first'' arrogance was to blame for his ''inhospitable''
treatment that day. I applaud airport authorities for doing what they must
to look after everyone's best interest.

Thousands of cars travel through both South Florida international airports
every hour, and it is necessary to keep the traffic constantly flowing lest
the terminals become congested and delay travelers.

It is unfortunate that the writer's friend could not find his luggage.
However, that was no reason for the writer to visit this hardship on
everyone else by parking his car in the terminal and refusing to move it
when ordered to do so by authorities.

In the future, he should use the reasonable short-term parking rates at Fort
Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. The airport would be a
much-friendlier and less-taxing experience for us all if everyone were more
courteous and considerate to fellow travelers.


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