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"Your message at the airport bookstore"


Monday, December 11, 2006

Your message at the airport bookstore
Reaching busy holiday travelers as they shop

Media Life Magazine

Forty two million consumers will be traveling through U.S. airports during the three-week holiday season beginning Dec. 14. A new signage program places ads in the corridors and in retail outlets that stretch between security screening areas and boarding gates.

To find out how to get your client’s message in front of holiday travelers, read on.

This is one in a Media Life series on buying the new out-of-home venues. They appear weekly.

Fast Facts

Video, light box and poster ads placed in retail locations inside airports.

Wings Airport Media, headquartered in Allentown, Pa.

How it works
Ads are placed on video screens, backlit light boxes and posters positioned near and inside airport stores that specialize in periodical and book sales.

“Video screens are inside the stores while the light boxes and posters can be outside the store or in the gate area,” says senior vice president Kevin Hanson. “Advertisers get all three pieces when they buy a market.”

The video loop runs seven days a week, from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m., in most markets.

Ads are interspersed with content from a number of publishers, including Sports Illustrated, Fortune, People, Vogue and Glamour.

The loop runs one hour, and there is a maximum of five advertisers per loop.

Video screens are plasma and are 42 inches in width. Posters measure 24 by 36 inches. Light boxes measure 20 by 24 inches.

Creative should be entertaining, Hanson says. “You want to keep people engaged. With all the stress and hassles of traveling, we all want an excuse to procrastinate in front of a screen for a few minutes.”

The signage is used for branding and promotions, Hanson says. “Because we’re in stores, facilitating distribution of a product becomes very doable.”

Creative can be changed weekly, though it means additional production fees. The program is available to local advertisers as well as national brands.

Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Orlando, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco are currently available. Advertisers can buy the network or cherry-pick airports.

The entire network reach is 57.5 million over a four-week flight, according to airport statistics provided by Wings.

How it is measured
Impressions are measured using numbers of ticketed passengers that are provided by the airlines.

Holiday traffic will be up 2.4 percent from the same period last year, according to the Air Transport Association of America, with an estimated 42 million passengers flying between Dec. 14 and Jan. 3.

According to a 2004 Arbitron study:
-68 percent of airline travelers say they spend 30 minutes or more in the terminal after they clear security and before they board their flights
-58 percent of airline travelers report that they recall an advertising display they saw at the airport, and 68 percent of frequent flyers report noticing ads

What product categories do well
Information technology, online banking, computers, luxury automobiles, upscale clothing, jewelry and watches are top categories.

Frequent flyers are defined as those taking more than four flights in a year. A 2004 Arbitron study reports:
-Gender breakdown is 58 percent male and 42 percent female
-Age breakdown is 10 percent at 12-24, 19 percent at 25-34, 21 percent at 35-44, 21 percent at 45-54, 20 percent at 55-64 and 10 percent at 65 and older
-Employed travelers make up 75 percent, retired at 10 percent, students at 6 percent, homemakers at 4 percent and those reporting themselves as unemployed at 4 percent
-Household income is $100,000 and up for 33 percent of frequent flyers
-Race breakdown is 83 percent Caucasian, 8 percent African American and 4 percent Hispanic.

Making the buy
Lead time is four weeks, and flights run four weeks. Ads are sold in 10-minute increments, and they can run up to 10 minutes in length.

The number of markets and which markets are in the buy determines price. Production costs are additional.

Who’s already on screens in airport stores and corridors
The program is just now being launched, with screens up at participating airports.

Web site info
Wings at www.wingsairportmedia.com

Current CAA news channel:

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