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"Norfolk International Airport Security Miss Banned Items"

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Norfolk International Airport Security Miss Banned Items, What You Need to
Know Before Boarding
WAVY-TV Ch 10 (NBC), Norfolk (VA)

Airport security made a startling discovery of shotgun shells in the
carry-on bag of a passenger at Norfolk International Airport.

On December 24, TSA screeners did not catch the banned item at the security

Another passenger tipped off security officials, who saw the man at the gate
pull the shotgun shells from his bag.

The shotgun shells were discovered in his pocket at the gate.

According to an incident report obtained by WAVY News 10 through the Freedom
of Information Act, the passenger found the shells and turned them over to
gate personnel.

The man was allowed to board and the shells were destroyed.

The passenger involved declined to speak with WAVY News 10.

Local Federal Security Director Don Bartnick says more than 2 million people
go through security checkpoints at Norfolk each year.

If a screener misses a banned item, they are required to receive additional
remedial training and on the job recertification before they can go back to

That is what happened in the case above.

Bartnick says the passengers are the ones who are the first line of defense.

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