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"Investigations begin into collapse of Sydney airport walkway"

Thursday, February 1, 2001

Investigations begin into collapse of Sydney airport walkway
Australia - The Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Investigations are continuing into why a passenger walkway attached to a
Singapore Airlines jet collapsed at Sydney airport this morning.

All passengers and crew had left the plane when the walkway fell. One of the
Boeing 747's doors was ripped off.

The airline had to cancel one of its flights this afternoon, and is making
alternative arrangements for affected passengers.

Singapore Airline spokesman Stephen Foreshaw says the airline is eager to
find out why the walkway collapsed.

"It has caused severe damage to one of our Boeing 747 aircraft, so we need
to work with the airport to understand how this has happened," he said.

"Insurance assessors are working on how much damage has been caused, but
we're estimating at the current time that the damage to the aircraft will
take around three days to fix."

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